The Harstone Legacy

Curse the Dark

The Harstone Legacy book 1

Sadie Goodwin thought she’d endured the worst life could throw at her when she lost her mother and was left to face her future alone. That was until she was kidnapped and dragged into a world where the monsters and legends of her childhood walked the streets. Certain that a mistake has been made, Sadie struggles to understand what is happening to her and why, but there is one thing that is becoming clear. Despite what she has believed her entire life, she does have family, and her family needs her. Unfortunately, this family could also get her killed.

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Curse the Soul

The Harstone Legacy book 2

After deciding to embrace her witch heritage, Sadie Goodwin returned to Walker Bay with a plan to take up her position as coven librarian and start her apprenticeship with the coven leader. She should have known that things were never going to be that easy. When the Seer has a prophecy that throws Sadie into a future she never expected, her first instinct is to resist. Her denial of the prophecy doesn’t stop a killer who has decided she needs to die. Used to fighting her own battles, Sadie now finds that she has people who are willing to stand at her back and face the monster that wants to destroy her. The question is whether they will be able to find her before it’s too late.

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Curse the Heart

The Harstone Legacy book 3

Sadie Goodwin is beginning to believe that there is a possibility that she might actually get the hang of all this witch stuff. She’s accepted the prophecy that now guides her future and she has finally cast her first spell. Kind of. She should have known that things were going too smoothly. When a team of magisters arrive in Walker Bay to investigate the curse that almost took down a coven leader, Sadie is shocked to find that one of the team is familiar. Not only does she have to hide her secret from somebody who knows her very well, she has to do it while trying to stop a plague that is sweeping through her new home, a plague that seems determined to destroy everyone.

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Curse the Past

The Harstone Legacy book 4
 When the coven leader can’t help you, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re in trouble. Sadie Goodwin has been trying desperately to learn to be a witch, and so far she has managed to craft the grand total of one successful spell. Her Destined Beloved has left Walker Bay and cut all contact, and teenagers around town are falling victim to curses that shouldn’t exist. Darkness seems to be settling over Walker Bay, and Sadie is feeling it deep within her soul. Someone is playing games, and it’s taking everything Sadie has to keep up. When somebody she loves is threatened, Sadie knows she’s going to have to dig deep and find the witch she was meant to be. If only that witch didn’t fill everybody, including Sadie, with fear.

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Curse the Truth

The Harstone Legacy Book 5
Anyone who said that the truth will set you free wasn’t hiding a secret that could cost them their lives. Sadie Goodwin only has two options open to her. To stay in the first real home she’s ever known, or to leave Walker Bay behind her and spend the rest of her life in hiding. Choosing to stay means Sadie has to outmaneuver the Conclave by doing something they never expected. In a last ditch attempt to prevent the Conclave from coming after her, Sadie Goodwin surprises everybody by revealing the truth. Hoping the exposure will give her some protection, Sadie and her friends are disappointed at the speed with which their plan fails. Feeling vulnerable and alone, the last thing she needs is for the Harstone family to finally decide they want to know their newest member, and they’re not taking no for an answer. As the world seems to close in on her, Sadie starts to realize that when secrets are revealed, it is hard to tell who will stand with you, and who will fall prey to fear.

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